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I'm Miss DeSimone and thank you for visiting Educator Station!  
With the start of the school year quickly approaching, I am now finding myself trying to get myself organized (and hopefully stay that way) for our new group of kiddos!  Last year was not only my first year teaching, but also the first year of our school's implementation of Reading Street! Needless to say, it was a bit overwhelming and I often found myself struggling to keep up with everything on a daily basis. Now that I have a better idea of what to expect, I am trying to come up with a better organizational system. I would love to share some things that I have created that will hopefully make the start of the school year run a little bit smoother for you!
The first task that I set forth for myself was to find a better way of keeping track of student grades.  Last year I used the old fashioned grade book, which by the end of the school year seemed to be just a big mess! With inspiration from a template that I borrowed from Miss Frugal Firstie, I created my own student report template that correlates with Grade 1 Reading Street. 


I plan to print out a copy for each student and put it in my teacher binder.  This way I will have easy access to each student's entire record for Reading Street on one convenient page. I also added the skills tested next to each spelling grade so that with one easy glance you can see which skills some students might be struggling with. For those of you who prefer typed lesson plans, you could also save a copy for each student on your computer and type right into it!
Next, I decided that I needed a template that would have my entire week's small group lesson plans on one page.  After countless hours of searching Pinterest for the best one, I finally found one that I loved! Since our school runs on a 6-day cycle, I tweaked the original template to better fit my needs.  You can get the original guided reading template from A Teacher's Plan HERE!
Here is my tweaked version:


I love this template because everything is in one place – no more scrambling to find my plans in the morning! I hope these documents have inspired you to become more organized! 
~Miss DeSimone~





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