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postheadericon 4.2 Cinderella Centers and Teacher Table Activities


We are returning from a nice (much needed) vacation and it's time to get back to learning! We are reading "Cinderella" this week. One of my favorite stories to read and share with my students. 





Words with ea:

This is a fun activity for students to enjoy at their independent center. I ask the students to work in pairs. They each get a die in a small container to shake. Whatever number is on top of the die, is the column they read. 

roll and read ea words


Adjectives for COLOR AND SIZE:


When I think of adjectives for color, the first book I think of is:

Brown BearBrown Bear, What Do You Seeby Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. 

This book is perfect for color words. As I read this book to them, I had them raise their hand when they heard a color word and had them share the adjective with their friends. This is a quick and easy way to review and extract those color words from text. Once we had a color word, we wrote it on the adjective chart below.  




As I was perusing this internet, I found this cute writing idea from Teacher To The Core

In this packet, are pages where students can write "First Grader, First Grader what do you see?" The students reply with a sentence that has an adjective and a noun. 


Here is the chart we used to write our color and shape adjectives. This will later be a resource for them to use in writing sentences with adjectives later in the week. 

t chart adjectives


Adding endings to words: Change the y to i

I needed a sheet to use at my teacher table for some guided learning. 

change the y to i worksheet


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